Lola Ibrahim


Once an aspiring artist herself, Lola Ibrahim founded ArtUnited to merge her passion for visual art with her professional background in social justice activism. After serving for almost two decades in the nonprofit sector in various capacities including youth community engagement, arts-based activism, human rights, gender, and social justice philanthropy, she recognized the need to engage and activate the critical intersection of the visual arts and the social justice sector in a truly global way. She has a particular interest in the ways in which contemporary art can challenge institutions, system behaviors, and culture; and enable us to make sense of complex diasporic and transcultural identities in the global era. Believing that art is the solution, she felt compelled to create a channel that vividly communicates the critical role of the arts in bridging social divides and opening up new pathways for understanding, resistance, and solidarity. Lola lives and works in New York City.