November 4, 2017

Creative Disruption is a pop-up group exhibition fusing visual art, installations, photography, poetry, performance, and activism

The Philadelphia exhibition brought together the work of 30+ local social justice artists for a group exhibition focused on three powerful themes: Gender, Climate, and Racial Justice.

Amplifying Stories to Catalyze Change

Now more than ever, we need the power of art as a tool for making sense of identity and difference, elevating public discourse, and broadening perspectives to inspire change. In order to tell a fuller, more powerful story of social justice activism, Creative Disruption focused on the themes of gender, climate and racial justice by creating an experience that is at once emotional, intellectual, and sensory.

Participating Organizations

Survey responses from the 200+ guests who attended Creative Disruption confirmed the need for this important work:


100% felt art is an effective tool for catalyzing change and advancing social justice causes.


74% felt the event generated significant discussion around social justice themes.


76.5% said they have never or very rarely attended a social justice art event in the past.

Meet the Artists Behind the Show

Photo by Atiya Walker Dykes


artist bios

Spoken word performances by:

JR Morris

From concerts and conversation parties to book signings, and bar mitzvahs. J.R. will bring charm, professionalism, and positive energy to any space. Whether it's boom bap or a few snaps J.R. connects with any audience leaving them entertained, enthused, and empowered.

Kai Davis

Two-time international grand slam champion, winning Brave New Voices in 2011 and The College Union Poetry Slam Invitational in 2016. She has been featured at the San Francisco Opera House, The Kimmel Center, TEDX Philly, on CNN, BET, PBS, and NPR.

Rodrick Minor

Four-time member of Baton Rouge National Poetry Slam Team, Grand Slam Champion (2015 Baton Rouge) and former facilitator of The Eclectic Truth Slam & Open Mic Poetry Reading. Featured in Russell Simmons’s All Def Digital site. Resides in Philly and currently a member of the 2016 Philadelphia National Poetry Slam Team (The Fuze).

Warehouse on Watts
923-29 N. Watts St, Philadelphia, PA19123
November 4, 2017