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ArtUnited is organizing a group exhibition for artists who stand in radical opposition to the xenophobic and discriminatory policies of the Trump administration – particularly the assault on refugee and immigrant rights, the crack down on already marginalized communities, and the rollback of civil liberties in the name of protection and security.

We see the administration’s threat to defund sanctuary cities, of which New York City is one, as a hateful and reprehensible affront to our humanity and all that makes our country uniquely inclusive, culturally diverse, and extraordinary. And so we call on artists who feel as strongly as we do to fight back.

This exhibition will serve as a fundraiser to support the ongoing efforts of ArtUnited to amplify social causes through the visual arts; and in part to support the work of organizations defending the rights of migrants, refugees and those most marginalized by Trump’s policies of prejudice and fear.

About ArtUnited

ArtUnited brings together emerging and established contemporary visual artists who work at the intersection of art and social justice. We act as a gateway for artists to become better coordinated and to foster a global, activist, art community that builds solidarity and movement across borders. Through events, exhibitions, artist talks, panel discussions, and convenings, we work to bring the efforts of social justice artists to the forefront – inviting the public to view, explore, and engage in a dialogue on social change.

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Who Can Become Involved? Artists of all ages, cultural backgrounds, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds, nationalities and immigrant status who stand in defiance and resistance to the policies of this administration.

What We are Looking For? Art that is visually compelling, thought-provoking, radical, edgy, and fearless! We call upon artists to come as activists – to challenge boundaries, and make courageous visual statements on behalf of the powerless and the voiceless.

When? Mid-May, 2017 (Exact date to be confirmed very soon)

Where? Brooklyn or Manhattan (Exact location TBD)

[lvca_heading style=”style3″ align=”left” heading=”IMPORTANT DETAILS”]

We are asking artists to donate works which will be made available for sale.  We aim to keep the cost of the artwork affordable and accessible, so please price your work between $25 – $250.

ArtUnited will provide wire art display panels which will be used to hang and display the art.

We welcome paintings, prints, drawing, and photography but please limit your work to no larger than 30 inches in any direction. Smaller is fine, but no larger than 30 inches.

Video: If you are a video artist, please contact us to discuss possibilities. We can only accept a limited number of video entries and will likely have to loop multiple works via one projection.

You are responsible for the drop off/shipping of your work, if it does not sell you are responsible for the pick up/shipping costs for its return. The work itself must be dropped off or shipped to arrive at the ArtUnited office (252 Java St, Suite 124, Brooklyn, NY 11222) during the week of April 24 – 28.

We will have multiple dates/times in late April for work drop off in Brooklyn at the ArtUnited office. Details will be sent with confirmation of your submission form.  

If you are outside the NYC area and cannot physically drop off work – you may ship it. HOWEVER if the work does not sell you will have to either 1) donate the work for ArtUnited for a future fundraiser or 2) pay the cost for return shipment. Details for shipping will be sent with confirmation of your submission.

[lvca_heading style=”style3″ align=”left” heading=”HOW TO ENTER”]

Submission is a two step process.

1. STEP ONE: If you have not already done so, please notify us of your intent to participate via this online intake form.
2. STEP TWO: Complete the form by clicking the button on the bottom of this page and uploading your digital images.

There are TWO submission deadlines:

1. March 10: Early submission deadline.Those who choose this option will receive priority consideration and will be notified about the status of their entry within one week.
2. April 14: Regular submission deadline.

Whether you are applying early or late, we still require that you fill out the intake form to register your interest. This will help with our planning process and enable us to accommodate as many works as possible.

Entry form:

The formal entry  will ask for the following:

– Photo uploads
– Contact Information
– Details of Work (title, date, size, media)
– Artist bio
– A brief statement about the work submitted
– A brief statement about why you are participating

Requests for anonymity will be honored.

By submitting to the ArtUnited Exhibition you are agreeing to allow us to use your name and work image to help in the promotion of the exhibition.