ArtUnited uses the visual arts to bring together emerging and established contemporary visual artists to create exhibitions, large-scale cultural events, and talks that inspire social change. We use the power of the visual arts to shift mental models and empower people to interrupt and alter oppressive, systemic patterns.

We strive to make art inclusive and accessible to everyone. Our events showcase works that are affordable and visually compelling, while offering opportunities for people to meet and interact with artists in the spirit of dialogue and shared learning.

Our network of social justice artists is the first of its kind; a truly global, digital platform uniting artists of all stripes with a shared passion for justice. We seek to foster within our network a coordinated, creative response to global issues in alignment with movements.

In addition to public events, we also provide tailored, curation services for conference events and functions to deliver vibrant, visual storytelling and content.

Our Work

Building a Thriving, Global Community
We maintain an extensive global directory of social justice artists and institutions, each filtered through our rigorous membership criteria.
Creating Events & Exhibitions

Our exhibiion and pop-up events are built on the value of ‘making art more accessible,’ and bringing together artists and patrons in a fun and unique setting.

Collaborating with Social Movements

We provide a platform for artists to connect with social causes that move them personally. Over the past year, we participated as official partners in the Women's March on Washington and the Peoples Climate March.

Infusing the Visual Arts into Conference Spaces

We work with civil society clients to integrate a social justice themed visual arts component into their conference spaces and gatherings.