Art for Social Change

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ArtUnited is a global network
of social justice artists.

Together, we create cultural events and exhibitions intersecting art and activism to stimulate dialogue, raise consciousness, and catalyze change.

Fusing Art, Culture, and Social Justice

We act as a gateway for artists to become activists and use the visual arts as a form of truth telling to lift up social causes. We foster within our network a coordinated, creative response to global issues in alignment with movements

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Amplifying Stories

We leverage the power of the visual arts as a tool for making sense of identity and difference, elevating public discourse, and animating civil society and movements.

Featured Artist Members

Amina Sahan

Exploring themes of multiculturalism and ethnicity. Read more.

Nancy Ohanian

Political Cartoonist covering issues of climate justice, politics, race, and more. Read more.

Mansoor Ramli Mahmud

Political artist and activist based in Malaysia. Read more.

Shaq Koyok

Malaysian contemporary indigenous artist /activist from the Temuan tribe. Read more.

Sean Bodley

Artist portraying humanity's interaction with the environment. Read more.

Justyne Fischer

Award winning printmaker whose work focuses on Social Memorials. Read more.


Exploring themes of civic responsibility and social justice in his native Egypt. Read more.

Van T Rudd

One of Australia's most controversial and provocative social justice artists. Read more.

Thomas Chung

Artist, activist, and Assistant Professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Read more.
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Our Mission

To leverage the influence and power of the visual arts to shift social paradigms and empower people to interrupt and alter oppressive, systemic patterns.

Cover photo by Cindy Trinh

Our Fiscal Sponsor

ArtUnited is a project of Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that incubates new and innovative art organizations, artists, and cultural sector stakeholders to foster a more agile and resilient cultural ecosystem.

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